Thorsten Unseld

Thorsten joined the Digitize the Planet team in June 2023. He studied tourism, marketing and business management in Augsburg and Madrid. After first working in the event industry in Buenos Aires and Stuttgart, Thorsten spent many years in the tourism industry, especially in destination management (outdoor) for the Ammergauer Alpen Nature Park and later as Managing Director for Garmisch-Partenkirchen Tourism and in the Tyrolean Zugspitz Arena. At the association, Thorsten is a senior manager responsible for communication, network and partner management, events and the future direction of the association.

Digitize the Planet

EOS Topic: Digitize the Planet:  Creating a responsible relationship between our natural environment and the people, through standardized and internationally digitized nature conservation information

Outdoor sports and experiences are important parts of a healthy, fulfilling lifestyle and contribute to building a deeper awareness of nature and the importance of its protection. The majority of outdoor enthusiasts want to contribute to nature conservation efforts and minimize any negative impacts their actions may have on natural ecosystems. Together with the sports industry, online platforms and nature conservationists, we want to offer everyone the opportunity to be active in nature in a sustainable and conscious way. We believe that all of those who contribute to the problem can also be part of the solution and make our passion for the outdoors sustainable and yet still accessible and enjoyable. By spreading important information on protected areas, social awareness for the necessity of nature conservation can be strengthened so that we can all act in a sustainable way.