Tara PJ Stevens

Tara PJ Stevens is Co-founder of Warrior Group, Global Community Chair for the Women In Innovation Network, a venture scout helping female founders on their funding journey with Landscape VC service, and sits on various steering committees for inclusion in the financial services and is passionate about eradicating the gender wealth gap. As an innovator and positive disruptor, Tara has led, designed and nurtured businesses to growth through development of market-disruptive offerings and innovation practice. Specialising in regulated markets, she's co-founded an innovation lab, established teams of corporate intrepreneurs and led specific challenges agency-side for clients including Four Seasons hotels, Lloyds Bank, Santander, Cambridge English, O2, Pfizer, AXA, Diageo, Danone, Cadbury, HP and more. Tara joined forces with Karla Morales-Lee in 2021 to take The Warrior Women Network to the next level, in the belief that diversity of thought is key to reimagining how we live and work for a more just and sustainable society. Today, she leads the consulting practice working with organisations to centre proactive inclusion at the heart of commercial growth, embedding global Warriors to drive large-scale culture transformation. A white-knuckled New Yorker, Tara now finds herself a decade into UK residency, living in SW London with her husband and son.

Warrior Group

EOS Topic: How to unlock innovation within your organisation through a regenerative people plan

Post-covid, the war on talent is a high-stakes initiative that companies can't afford to loose. And yet, it can seem an impossible task for senior leaders to confidently invest in people in an unforgiving economic climate. How do companies know not just the right things to invest, but the best for measurable impact?

The best companies in the world have people plans that are successful in attracting and retaining the right talent. These plans create happy. motivated teams which drive improved commercial success and create innovative products and services which have a positive social and environmental impact.

In this talk, co-founders of Warrior Group Karla Morales-Lee and Tara Stevens show you a sneak-peak of their data-led approach for building an inclusive strategy bespoke for businesses like Amazon and Natwest, that puts inclusion at the heart of regenerative commercial growth.

Beyond cultural insights and to deliver on identified opportunities, they connect companies to their global network of pioneering 'Warrior' experts to rethink whats's possible in business and the planet.