Scott Nelson

Scott originally comes from the tech industry, working for Apple for several years in customer experience and special environmental projects within the retail channel. He left to complete an MBA at the University of Cambridge, and thereafter pursued a career in the outdoors industry with the European outdoor Group. There, he manages the Single Use Plastics Project. The Single Use Plastics Project is an industry collaboration consisting of over 30 brands and retailers engaged in significantly reducing their single use plastics footprint. Working together, they have been able to move from concept to testing in a mere eight months time. Different from many similarly-titled initiatives, the Single Use Plastics Project consists entirely of multiple members of a single industry; allowing the group to quickly design ambitious, innovative solutions which cut across the entire sector. The project is open to all other members of the industry who see the inherent environmental, legal, and profitability risks of our single use plastics problem. Scott and his team welcome and encourage collaboration as the only means whereby marked improvements can be made.

European Outdoor Group