Richard Payne

Having worked in the market research and insights industry for almost 20 years and with Sports Marketing Surveys (now Sporting Insights) since 2008, Richard has a real passion for sport combined with a flair for interpretation and analysis of numbers. As a Director for the company, Richard is responsible for the day-to-day contact with many of Sporting Insights’ key clients specifically with global federations and new-technology markets. He brings enthusiasm and a real desire to understand client problems – insightful questioning enables him to arrive at solution driven research programmes and his consultative approach ensures that clients maximise the value of any research commissioned.

Sporting Insights

EOS Topic: Exploring the trends of the outdoor and sporting retail landscape

In this session Richard will reveal the initial outdoor retail trends that have emerged as a result of the newly launched Outdoor Market Intelligence Service (OMIS) and put this into context with how retail is performing within other sports, using actual sales data from retailers.