Phil Young

Phil has been involved in sports and culture all his life via skateboarding, snowboarding, bikes and running. A longtime advocate for diversity in the outdoors, as well as his day job’ as a respected producer and director, Phil is the instigator of the Outsiders Project, co-founder of Colour Collective one of the founding members of Black Trail Runners and a co-founder of OUTO. the simple ambition of of which is to make the outdoors, across Europe, a safe and welcoming space for everyone.

Outsiders Project

Outsiders Project

The outdoors is for everyone, yet outdoor culture and the access to rural landscapes continue to remain elusive to many people from marginalised communities.

The Outsiders Project is an independent platform promoting inclusion and diversity within the culture and community of the outdoors. We offer a credible voice for brands and organisations who want to more fully understand the conversation and take meaningful action.