Pascale Moreau

Pascale Moreau is an active citizen and nature lover who has been working in public affairs for over 16 years. Her experience is as diverse as the environment and includes industries like textiles, information and communication technologies, and healthcare.This multifaceted experience has made her an expert in navigating the obstacles and opportunities involved in implementing sustainable development strategies and laws. In 2019, Pascale founded Ohana with the mission to help companies develop medium and long-term sustainable development strategies reflecting the risks, opportunities and realities present in their markets.‍

Ohana Public Affairs

Panel discussion title: “No data, no compliance, no business”

As the topic of sustainability rapidly changes from an organisational ‘nice to have’ to a compliance issue, the need for reliable, well managed data becomes increasingly business critical. This panel discussion will unpack incoming regulatory requirements, to understand better where the impact will most be felt by industry, and what that means in practice for brands. The panel will explore potential solutions to meet these challenges, so that outdoor businesses can lead the way in the new era of compliance. A panel of industry experts will address data and compliance, and touch upon policy and system requirements, as well as offering an operations and brand perspective on what is required to monitor, act and evidence.

Ohana Public Affairs

Ohana is a boutique public affairs consultancy specialised in sustainability and dedicated to making the European Union's policies and processes easy to understand and readily actionable within organisations.

Through our unique approach to public affairs, we develop customised strategies based on the needs of each client, working in close proximity with their teams to make it happen. Our presence in Brussels is strategic, allowing us to gather critical information and build stronger relationships with political decision-makers and other stakeholders.

As a company, we are committed to driving positive change through public affairs and to the belief that it is possible to work alongside organisations and help them grow while still advancing sustainability