Mikael Bäckström

Prof. Mikael Bäckström is the head of Sports Tech Research Centre (STRC) at Mid Sweden University. He has been working In the technical research area for 34 years. One of the areas of interest in the research centre is different kinds of equipment development and the comprising materials. The research and activities at the STRC is in this area have been active since 2006 and are currently housing two bigger projects, one presented at this summit and one that is named MISTRA Sports and Outdoor

Sports Tech Research Centre in Östersund

Durability is becoming a critical part of many sustainability and circularity conversations and producing durable products is an effective way to lower the environmental impact of the industry. However, until now there is little in the way of a formal definition or tools to measure with both the emotional and physical aspects of durability being important. This session will provide a deep dive on the topic and will discuss why it matters, and present some results obtained so far in a project intended to assess the residual functionality of waterproof jackets.