Margo de Lange

Margo is Secretary General of the It's Great Out There Coalition, a passionate outdoor enthusiast and recent mom living in the Chamonix valley. She has a background in comparative European and International law and has dedicated herself to making a difference in the non-profit world ever since she graduated from the University of Antwerp and University College Dublin in 2014. The past 4 years, she has been driving the work of the Coalition under the It's Great Out There initiative, ensuring diverse, inclusive and responsible participation in outdoor activity in partnership with the industry. More recently she is also leading the charge for Opening Up The Outdoors who have joined the Coalition in 2022.

It’s Great Out There Coalition (IGOT)

Margo de Lange (IGOT) and Keme Nzerem (OUTO) will be moderating the European Outdoor Summit 2024 and will set the tone for the summit and act as a thread, linking the content throughout the event.