Manuel Braun

Dr. Manuel Braun is director at Systemiq, leading the work on sustainable and circular business models. He is part of the German office leadership team. As global think-and-do tank, Systemiq partners with pioneering organizations, investors and entrepreneurs, following the ambition to drive impact at interface of circularity and innovation. Prior to joining Systemiq, Manuel spent 8 years at McKinsey & Company, where he led product development and design projects across industries. In addition, he is active as senior lecturer at the Technical University of Munich.


EOS Topic: Recommerce – learnings from the fashion industry. A snapshot from a European perspective

Manuel Braun and Clara Luckner from Systemiq will be speaking about the importance of the circular economy in creating a sustainable fashion system. They will address the current European market development for recommerce, the landscape of emerging business models to capture the opportunity and the systemic changes required to reap its full economic and environmental potential.