Karla Morales-Lee

Karla Morales-Lee is Co-founder of Warrior Group, on the steering committee for She Changes Climate, a UK Ambassador for The Hunger Project and a fellow at impact fund Zinc VC. She is passionate about the fact that the thinking that got us here will not get us where we need to go and is therefore devoted to amplifying, supporting and embedding voices less heard. Her podcast, WARRIOR WOMEN, is five-star rated on Apple podcasts. In late 2019, Karla founded a global community to support 'Warrior Women', pioneering leaders rethinking how society lives and works. Today, in order to drive forward a more just and sustainable society, Warrior Group connects the world's most forward thinking conferences and organisations this network of intersectional 'Warriors' expanding their knowledge and expertise in areas like ethical ai, decarbonisation, sustainable approaches to Web3, new models of leadership and more. Beyond learning, Warrior Group is a growth partner that 'lifts the lid' on an organisation's culture to identify opportunities for more conscious ways to achieve commercial growth, delivering a regenerative roadmap for the future and a global network of experts to work with to make it happen. Half-Nicaraguan, she lives in Whitstable in Kent in England with her artist husband Patrick Morales-Lee, two 'Warrior kids' and very affectionate cat. Before working in impact Karla spent 15 years as head of growth for some of the world's best known advertising and design agencies. She has worked with The Wellcome Trust, Sony Music, PepsiCo, Reebok and Lloyds Bank Foundation.

Warrior Group

EOS Topic: How to unlock innovation within your organisation through a regenerative people plan

Post-covid, the war on talent is a high-stakes initiative that companies can't afford to loose. And yet, it can seem an impossible task for senior leaders to confidently invest in people in an unforgiving economic climate. How do companies know not just the right things to invest, but the best for measurable impact?

The best companies in the world have people plans that are successful in attracting and retaining the right talent. These plans create happy. motivated teams which drive improved commercial success and create innovative products and services which have a positive social and environmental impact.

In this talk, co-founders of Warrior Group Karla Morales-Lee and Tara Stevens show you a sneak-peak of their data-led approach for building an inclusive strategy bespoke for businesses like Amazon and Natwest, that puts inclusion at the heart of regenerative commercial growth.

Beyond cultural insights and to deliver on identified opportunities, they connect companies to their global network of pioneering 'Warrior' experts to rethink whats's possible in business and the planet.