Julian Lings

Julian is the Senior Sustainability Manager for VF Corporation’s outdoor brands in Europe, Middle East and Africa, with responsibility for sustainability and responsibility. Prior to joining The North Face in 2015, Julian spent a considerable portion of his career with Tesco working across the business’ Communications, Government Affairs, and Sustainability functions. After three years in the global sustainability team based in the UK, Julian moved to Ireland to head up Tesco Ireland’s sustainability and corporate social responsibility programme. From there, he then moved to Switzerland to take on responsibility for The North Face’s sustainability and corporate social responsibility programmes in Europe, Middle East and Africa. With broad experience across the food and textile industries, Julian has a wealth of international experience of embedding sustainability into business.

The North Face

Part 2 of EOCA’s series on ‘Biodiversifying your Business’

Business must build in both conservation efforts and actions to mitigate their impacts on biodiversity into their strategies to support the Global Goal for Nature.  

The session will provide insights and solutions on how leading companies can transition to a Nature Positive approach.