Dr. Katy Stevens

Katy has over 15 years’ experience working in the textile industry in a variety of roles including sustainability, product development, and research. She has a BSc in Materials Science and a PhD in Technical Textiles and has worked with the European Outdoor Group for 4 years. In her current role as Head of CSR and Sustainability she facilitates and encourages brands to increase industry action to bring environmental and ethical considerations to the complex challenges of the textile supply chain. Away from work she enjoys running up hills, finding lakes to swim in, and creating textiles.

European Outdoor Group

Durability is becoming a critical part of many sustainability and circularity conversations and producing durable products is an effective way to lower the environmental impact of the industry. However, until now there is little in the way of a formal definition or tools to measure with both the emotional and physical aspects of durability being important. This session will provide a deep dive on the topic and will discuss why it matters, and present some results obtained so far in a project intended to assess the residual functionality of waterproof jackets.