Dr Heiko Schäfer


EOS Topic: Carbon Removal – How it is a crucial part of the race to zero!

Carbon Removals are often discussed, but only little understand, even though IPCCC and Science-based targets acknowledge the need of carbon removals, as a part of a credible Net Zero strategy. Mammut decided to invest already at an early stage into carbon removals, to gain first learnings and develop a long-term partnership with our partner Climeworks, who focuses on permanent direct air capture. Such early partnerships are needed to scale the carbon removal industry to a size, which is required in a future net zero world. To include our consumers on this journey, we integrated this approach into our newly launched, decarbonized trail running collection, with the slogan: Go further – together (https://www.mammut.com/uk/en/trailrunning) We want to share insights and learnings of this approach, so that we can inspire others.