David Ekelund

David Ekelund is the co-founder and co-CEO of Icebug. He's a father of three, a forest lover and goes ski touring whenever he gets the chance. The work he finds most meaningful is done at the forefront of trying to combine business development, the sustainable transformation and people growth - including himself. David Ekelund is also people. As a former chair of the board of the Scandinavian Outdoor Group he's a stronger believer in the power of trust and a practicioner in collaboration.


This presentation will map how the Outdoor industry and the wider sector can emerge as a world leading climate and sustainability solution provider. By joining forces, collaborating with others, and expanding the innovation agenda - going from limiting the bad to also amplifying the good, delivering solutions for human needs that support flourishing lives of 11 billion people on half of what the earth can regenerate. The sustainable future is not dull and deprived -it's great out there!

Introduction to the concept of moving from “more of the same but a little less bad”innovating for a World where 11 billion people can live thriving lives on half earth.