Christian Schneidermeier

Christian has a degree in sports economics and has been the sole Managing Director of Ortovox since 2011. In addition to this, he is on the board of the Federal Association of the Sporting Goods Industry (BSI) and a member of the General Assembly of IHK Munich and Upper Bavaria. He has a great interest in all topics relating to sustainability and social development, and describes himself as a convinced European. A passionate mountaineer and ski tourer he also enjoys nature, good food and drink, music and theatre.


EOS Topic: Business and beyond: What could be beyond?

“The new Era: Business and beyond” is the title of this year’s EOS. But what could be beyond? Every day we struggle with all kinds of problems coming out of the blue. Faster changing markets, more and more legal regulations, incalculable consumer behaviour, extreme weather conditions and their impact, etc. We all are busy to solve these multiple issues in order to secure our business. But is there something beyond? Or maybe, is there a clamp for all these topics? What can we do as an Industry to go beyond?