Ben Blischke

With over a decade in the sports industry, Ben has extensive experience within product development, sourcing, and sustainability teams. His degrees in Product Design and Sustainable Development inform his views on how traceability, climate justice, and circularity intersect. Ben’s firsthand experience of supply chains, notably hardgoods products and materials, give him insights into both the necessity and challenges of traceability for ethical and responsible business practices.

Intersport Group

“No data, no compliance, no business” Panel discussion

As the topic of sustainability rapidly changes from an organisational ‘nice to have’ to a compliance issue, the need for reliable, well managed data becomes increasingly business critical. This panel discussion will unpack incoming regulatory requirements, to understand better where the impact will most be felt by industry, and what that means in practice for brands. The panel will explore potential solutions to meet these challenges, so that outdoor businesses can lead the way in the new era of compliance. A panel of industry experts will address data and compliance, and touch upon policy and system requirements, as well as offering an operations and brand perspective on what is required to monitor, act and evidence.