Anna-Karin Wårfors

Since 2017, Anna-Karin has been managing the Nilorngruppen Sustainability work and the ESG reporting. With a background in sourcing and corporate social responsibility, the experience is mainly within the textile industry but she has also held the position as Purchase manager at Corporate Express Sweden. Anna-Karin holds a master’s degree in international business from the University of Linkoping. On the personal front, Anna-Karin is passionate about horses and a national show jumping judge.

Nilörngruppen AB

Packaging is used to protect outdoor products during transport from manufacturer to consumer and, although its environmental impact is small compared to that of the product inside, it is often the first contact the consumer has with the product and can therefore play a significant part in reinforcing the product’s sustainable credentials. In this session, packaging experts and an industry representative will discuss the concept of sustainable packaging, the impact of material choice versus waste handling systems, and how best the industry can address their packaging.