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Join us in Berlin for two days of learning, networking and shaping the future of the European outdoor industry.

Summit planning is well under way, and includes topics such as:  

Transformative change | Circularity | Setting and tracking KPI’s | Diversity, Equity & Inclusion | Race to Zero | Data in sustainability| Artificial Intelligence (AI) | Incoming regulatory requirements | Climate change | Market insights | Consumer trends

How to square what's circular

How to connect circularity to your sustainability strategy and measure it right.

Philipp Meister, Global Fashion and Sporting Goods Lead at Quantis

Philipp Meister is the Global Fashion and Sporting Goods Lead at Quantis, a sustainability consultancy that takes a science-based approach to guide companies in transforming their businesses to operate within planetary boundaries. Together with his team, Philipp is working to fast-track sustainable transformation in the fashion and sporting goods sector. He joined Quantis in the fall of 2021 after 16 years in the sporting goods industry, where he focused on sustainability, innovation and product creation. Previously, Philipp worked for adidas and Nike EMEA. He is also a member of the board for the ZDHC Foundation.

In the past years we have seen a lot of different circular initiatives being born with the intent to pilot new value propositions and grasp circular economy’s promised land of decoupling financial growth from resource use. However, in most cases brands struggle to understand how to connect these initiatives to their wider sustainability commitments and business strategies.

In the specific case of the outdoor industry, durability and repairability have been in great focus as intrinsically associated with the expected performance of products, with a less clear connection with how they can bring benefit to the company’s climate or nature-related targets.

The session aims at providing a concrete framework for integrating business and sustainability objectives in a circular strategy, highlighting opportunities related to both the broader ecosystem (eg. Regulator, Consumers, Market players)and the supply system, as to embrace digitalization and technological innovation along the entire value chain.

What makes outdoor brands score higher in service and product quality among consumers?

Results of an AI based analysis for 30.000 outdoor products

Dr Korbinian Spann, Managing Director,

Dr Korbinian Spann is the managing director of and a marketing expert with more than 10 years of international practical experience. He received his education and doctorate as a linguist, among others at Harvard University. At W. L. Gore, he was in charge of digital marketing and global data reports. He founded in April 2019 with the goal of automating qualitative market research.

Consumers evaluate and compare outdoor products on various touchpoints as part of the customer journey. shows the most popular outdoor brands and products for Germany in 2023 based on hundreds of thousands of data points. Like this, product management, sales and marketing are able to improve single products and categories based on data.

Panel Discussion - 'No data, no compliance, no business'

As the topic of sustainability rapidly changes from an organisational ‘nice to have’ to a compliance issue, the need for reliable, well managed data becomes increasingly business critical. This panel discussion will unpack incoming regulatory requirements, to understand better where the impact will most be felt by industry, and what that means in practice for brands. The panel will explore potential solutions to meet these challenges, so that outdoor businesses can lead the way in the new era of compliance. A panel of industry experts will address data and compliance, and touch upon policy and system requirements, as well as offering an operations and brand perspective on what is required to monitor, act and evidence.

Carbon Removal – How it is a crucial part of the race to zero!

Dr Heiko Schäfer, CEO - Mammut Sports Group  
Jan Huckfeldt, Chief Commercial Officer – Climeworks

Carbon Removals are often discussed, but only little understand, even though IPCCC and Science-based targets acknowledge the need of carbon removals, as a part of a credible Net Zero strategy. Mammut decided to invest already at an early stage into carbon removals, to gain first learnings and develop a long-term partnership with our partner Climeworks, who focuses on permanent direct air capture. Such early partnerships are needed to scale the carbon removal industry to a size, which is required in a future net zero world.

To include our consumers on this journey, we integrated this approach into our newly launched, decarbonized trail running collection, with the slogan: Go further – together ( We want to share insights and learnings of this approach, so that we can inspire others.

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