EOS 2017 Announces First Keynote Speakers

Published: 19 Jun 2017

With online registration for the European Outdoor Summit (EOS) now open, the European Outdoor Group (EOG) is pleased to announce the first series of speakers presenting at the Summit.

The EOS will present delegates with a range of keynote speeches and breakout sessions that focus on the theme: IT ALL STARTS WITH THE CONSUMER.

Delivering a keynote presentation under the pillar: ACTIVATE the Population, Kate Bosomworth has worked across the sports, health and fitness industry for 15 years; leading domestic and European communications strategies for a host of global sports FMCG brands and rights holders, including adidas, Lucozade, The North Face, UEFA and Unilever.

Kate’s presentation: How to be a Game Changer in Participation, will focus on the stakeholder landscape around participation and how this has changed in the last few years – “It takes courage, commitment and a spirit of adventure to create game-ch anging initiatives; qualities the outdoor sector is not short of!” Kate will be discussing these themes and share learnings from across her career, including insight into This Girl Can; celebrated as one of the most successful participation campaigns of the decade.

Managing Partner at Camunico and Executive in Residence at INSEAD, Ron Soonieus, will discuss the meaning of ‘Long Term Value Creation’.  With extensive experience in leadership gained through roles in executive management and on the boards of international public and privately-owned companies, Ron is a trusted advisor who supports senior leadership with a specific focus on balancing short term result and long term value.

“We have been living well beyond our means materially and well below our means intellectually, spiritually and ethically. This has to be reversed and ‘the outdoors’ can play a key role in rebalancing that. That’s why I’m excited to address and explore the notion of creating long term value with an audience whose sole purpose is to enable people to experience nature.”

Presenting the break out session: Expedition 2020 - Strategic Decisions Based on a Verified Product Footprint, Sustainability Manager at Bergans of Norway, Christoph Centmayer will explore environmental profit and loss. Having joined Bergan of Norway in 2006, Christoph recently took on the role as Sustainability Manager, coordinating and communicating the company’s efforts on becoming a more sustainable brand.

The Environmental Profit & Loss account is a fairly technical tool to direct strategic and investment decisions. Sitting under the pillar: FULFIL the Demand, Christoph’s presentation will look at the key factor to make the best sustainability progress in the shortest time and what it means for a brand; and specifically for a small brand with limited resources. He will discuss why and how Bergans made use of this tool; focussing on their challenges, learnings and how they benefited from the outcomes, offering an insight into the challenges and benefits for SME’s.

Bookings for the EOS, which takes place 4th - 5th October 2017 in Treviso, Italy, can be made with an early bird discount until 31st July.