CEO & Co-Founder

Tom Mcleod is the CEO and Co-Founder of Myagi. Prior to founding Myagi, Tom built a high-growth business in Australia based on a proprietary price comparison engine. This ranked top five in price comparison sites in the country. Before this, Tom worked as an adviser to both ASX ( Australian Securities Exchange) listed and private companies, helping them to transform their finance & treasury departments with new technology and innovation. Tom has been building software products since he was a teenager and still loves tinkering with new technologies at every opportunity. Tom studied Computer Science with a focus on Intelligent Systems- found at the core of Myagi today.

About Myagi

Born in 2013, with a team grounded in the Outdoor Industry, Myagi empowers Sales Associates to deliver amazing in store experiences.  Our success has opened diverse markets and territories across the globe. As we continue to learn and develop our technology we remain committed to supporting this unique market place.  Headquartered in San Francisco and enjoying significant VC backing, Myagi is in use at 10,000+ retail locations worldwide with over 100 brand clients globally — including Adidas, Asics, Berghaus, Cascade Designs, Lowe Alpine, Merrell, Polartec and WL Gore.

Customers have changed, never before have their expectations been so high, their access to shopping so easy.  Brands and Retailers alike are duty bound to delight at every point in the buyer journey in order to meet expectations and build loyalty.

Machine learning and automation are often cited as the death knell for humans at work.  Myagi deploys this exact technology to supercharge retail’s most overlooked asset, the people on the front line meeting customers every day.

Transforming order takers into Experience-makers by delivering the right brand, product and skills intelligence at the right time, Myagi makes sure Sales Associates fulfil brand promise and stay relevant to customers visiting Outdoor stores.