Professor Dr Ulrich Reinhardt - BAT Foundation for Future Studies

Professor Dr Ulrich Reinhardt
Professor Dr Ulrich Reinhardt

Speech: Demographics - The demographic change and its effects on the outdoor market

“What changes can we see in society, leisure, travel and also consumer behaviours within the demographic change” are Professor Reinhard’s main scientific fields.

He is Scientific Head at the BAT Foundation for Future Studies, holds a professorship at the University of applied science Westcoast / Heide and is lecturer at different universities.

As one of the leading scientist in the field of demography and the meaning of changes for business models, he is a member of the World Future Society and of the Future Council of the prime minister of the German state Schleswig-Holstein. He is a member of the Board of Trustees of the Stifterverband der Deutschen Wissenschaft and the Nordmetall Stiftung.

His publications are various, all of them associated with international topics from travel, leisure and mobility, i.e. “United Dreams of Europe” (2011), “Freizeit-Monitor 2013” and “Generationenvertrag statt Generationenverrat” (2013) as well as “30. Tourismusanalyse” and “Blickpunkt Zukunft” (both from 2014). Furthermore he is co-editor of the scientific journal “European Journal of Futures Studies”.

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