Olaf Tabor - CEO, Deutscher Alpenverein (DAV)

Olaf Tabor
Olaf Tabor

Break Out Workshop: Urban Outdoor

Olaf Tabor has been the CEO of the German Alpine Club (DAV) for around two years – appointed by the Club’s board, which was won over by his experience in club management:

Before joining the DAV, the active skier and white water athlete spent nine years in a similar position as the General Secretary of the German University Sports Federation (ADH).

In addition to heading the DAV, Tabor recently took the helm at the Club-affiliated travel agent DAV Summit Clubs alongside Manfred Lorenz.

At the European Outdoor Summit, Tabor will give participants an insight into one of the DAV’s current focal points – in part in order to prepare the Club for the future: in the workshop which he will lead, Tabor will present urban outdoor sports and the demands which outdoor athletes in an urban environment place on sporting installations and a club. Climbing walls, outdoor fitness and much more – the German Alpine Club is also a leader in these areas.