Marta Pellegrino - Oberalp

Sustainability Specialist

About Marta

Marta works in the sustainability team at Oberalp. Her main areas of expertise are communication & PR, circular economy and environmental management. She works with her team to integrate sustainability across all of Oberalp’s brands, departments and processes. Prior to working in the outdoor industry Marta worked for a consulting company in the sustainability unit, providing support and business solutions to several companies working across different industries.

About Oberalp

The Oberalp Group is a family business. A group of adventurers and dreamers, mountaineers, looking for their next peak. The company was founded in 1981 by Heiner Oberrauch and has been working in the textile industry for six generations. 37 years later the Oberalp group employs around 650 people and is known for building mountain sport brands. Oberalp is active in the product design, development, production and distribution of its four own brands SALEWA, DYNAFIT, POMOCA, WILD COUNTRY. Products are distributed mainly in Europe, Asia and the USA through wholesale, direct retail and licensee partners. The Oberalp Group also offers distribution and marketing services to selected sports brands that share our drive and passion for sports (such as UNDER ARMOUR, SPEEDO, SPYDER, FISCHER, SMITH). The courage to follow new paths, the continuous innovation of products and processes, the thoughtful use of resources and the environment, and especially the unbounded passion for sports and mountains, are all at the basis of Oberalp’s company culture.

As a family business, Oberalp chooses how they do things. They're not only interested in quarterly results. They think long term. They think about the world they’re leaving behind for their grandchildren. Sustainability is a choice Oberalp invests in, because they believe in it. It’s a crucial part of their company values and daily business.