Malcolm Newbery - Malcolm Newbery Consulting Company

Fashion & Retail Industry Specialist

About Malcolm

Malcolm is an independent consultant specialising in retailing, fashion industry merchandising and buying, and supply chain issues, with access to a wide range of expertise from associate colleagues. With over twenty five years of consulting experience, and ten more in industry, in the business planning, marketing and distribution of consumer products, Malcom is able to relate immediately to problems of concern to top management, particularly issues of: profitability and competitiveness; business direction and strategy; supply chain management and organisational effectiveness.

In addition to consulting on these and other issues, his portfolio of experience also comprises of mergers and acquisitions, management buy-outs, company rescues and turn-around situations.

Involved as a project manager or as operating consultant in over 250 consulting projects in the UK, Europe, USA, India and Far East, Malcolm's extensive international experience in the retail, textile and clothing industries includes numerous consultancy studies for governments and industry bodies, fashion retailers and fashion and clothing companies.

As well as consulting, Malcolm's time is taken up by writing, public speaking and teaching at London College of Fashion.