Larry Pluimer - CEO and Founder, Indigitous consulting

Larry pluimer
Larry pluimer

With a background at, Larry Pluimer will share his knowledge in online retailing strategies for the future.

Larry Pluimer is the founder of the Seattle, Washington-based consulting firm, Indigitous, and he is widely sought after by CEOs and investors to help them make sense of the rapidly-changing dynamics of online retailing. His skills were shaped by experience in the direct marketing business during the 1990s, which evolved into an expertise in ecommerce that he later applied to various positions in the outdoor industry. In 2008, Larry was recruited by U.S. online retailing giant to develop and launch its outdoor business. As the high-profile architect of Amazon’s Outdoor Recreation storefront, Larry was required to balance controversy with opportunity.

Larry’s eclectic, yet well-balanced resume includes small companies and corporate giants, businesses both outdoor and non-outdoor, retailers and manufacturers. The combined experience provides him with a practical framework for relating to the broader business needs of his clients.

Larry lives in the Seattle area with his wife, Asha, where he enjoys hiking in the nearby mountains and paddling in Puget Sound.