Jeppe Thøgersen - Silkeborg Kommune

Head of Department for Culture, Leisure and Outdoor

About Jeppe

Jeppe Thøgersen, has a Degree in Political Science and a Master in Business Administration. His master's thesis dealt with the development of place-bound resources and on the cooperation between the municipality, civil society and business community. He has been Head of Department for Culture and Leisure for Silkeborg City council for 5 years and has been a driving force behind the process from outdoor being a focus, mainly for the department for culture and leisure, leading up to being the one of the main focus areas for the whole city council. Recognising that it needed to be proactive in not only promoting an active lifestyle, but incorporating this philosophy in its future plans and strategies for the development of all Silkeborg, from daycare, schools and social integration. In January 2019 Jeppe was appointed head of the newly established Outdoor Secretariat.

Jeppe is 46 years old and lives in Silkeborg with wife and two children.

About Sileborg and The Outdoor Capital

Silkeborg is a Danish city located in the middle of the Jutlandic peninsula, slightly west of the geographical centre of Denmark, with a population of 44,000 and 93,000 inhabitants in the municipality. The city is situated on the Gudenå River in the hilly and lush landscape of Søhøjlandet, surrounded by Denmark’s largest forest district and a great number of lakes. 

In May 2017, the Municipality of Silkeborg was designated as Denmark's Outdoor Capital and the city council adpoted a new strategy for oudoor recreation. Later that year, the National Advisory Council in Denmark announced the Silkeborg as the year's outdoor recreation municipality.

Since then, the Political Cultural, Leisure and Sportscommittee of Silkeborg decided that a master plan must be made for the development of Denmark's Outdoor Capital, and with the city council's approval in December 2018, a new development strategy for Silkeborg Municipality was announced, with 'Outdoor' as one of three cornerstones.

In February 2019, the Municipality of Silkeborg entered into a cooperation agreement with the two national sports federations, stating that outdoor sports must contribute to 25% more inhabitants being active in the municipality.