Dr Max McKeown

Dr Max Mckeown
Dr Max Mckeown

Speech: Keynote - Shaping the Future Together

Join Max McKeown best-selling author of The Strategy Book, The Innovation Book & Adaptability  on a fast-paced, down-to-earth deep-thought, fearless exploration of how we can create a better future. Max will help us look at the benefits, challenges, pitfalls and secrets of transforming into a high adaptability culture organisation – or HACK - with an idea hungry climate in which creativity is loved and nourished. How can you become a powerful strategic thinker and doer? How can we develop the high trust leadership that enables us to move faster, delivering the future our customers need?

We humans have a wonderful talent for shaping the future. At our best we are able to think our way to what we want from where we are. High adaptability people get stronger, smarter when faced with adversity. They use imagination to create brilliant strategies that provide clever paths to better places. As we develop our confidence in our ability to adapt new situations we can transcend old problems. Max will work with us to apply lessons about high adaptability and bring this focus to life with examples, humour, emotion so you will gain memorable personal, practical insights to help you in the real world.

We will explore:

  • How strategy, culture and innovation work together?
  • How do we engage the talent and goodwill of our people with     strategy?
For further informations: http://www.maxmckeown.com