David Ekelund - Icebug

Co-founder and CEO

About David

In 1998, when David Ekelund quit his job as a journalist to co-found the footwear company that later turned into Icebug, he had no experience or relevant education in how to make shoes, or how to run a company. Nor a really clear direction - accept for making a million dollars. The 20+ years since has been a tale of many failures, a good deal of luck, a great team and continous learning and finding and developing purpose. First understanding how getting safe traction when expecting to slip made a real impact in peoples' lives, second, seeing how the overuse of planetary resources made it logically impossible not to try to take on an activist role and finally, making Icebug an example of a deliberatley developmental organization.

About Icebug

Icebug is a Swedish footwear brand, founded in 2001 and since then specializing in providing traction for different kinds of slippery outdoor conditions. Becoming the market leader in traction footwear. Making products that people really need, making them long-lasting and high performing while minimizing negative environmental impact. Icebug also seeks to inspire more people to get outdoors, by doing stuff that we really like, and inviting others to join with no demands on performance: The Icebug Xperience events. We also have the higher ambition of using Icebug and our platform to be a catalyst and leader in transforming the outdoor industry - and indeed business in general - to be fully sustainable.