Cressida Allwood - Round the world cyclist & women's leadership coach

Cressida is a round the world cyclist, women’s leadership coach and tutor. She spent two years cycling in 3 continents: starting in Pakistan and finishing in South America, having ridden the spine of the Andes.

Cress is a passionate advocate of ongoing personal and professional development, having 25 years of experience in the education and management training sectors. Cress brings drive, a curious mind and significant expertise to her roles, coaching and tutoring nationally accredited courses. 

With a master’s thesis on ‘Gender and Leadership’ Cress is currently researching Gender Parity for the Institute of Outdoor Learning; engaging both sexes to collaboratively create models of good practice.

To compliment her ‘day jobs’ Cress spends 2-3 months leading overseas expeditions each year. After 15 years of incredible trips, often at altitude and in remote destinations, she still loves inspiring tomorrow’s leaders. 

Cress’ latest adventure sees her swimming across the English Channel in September - being the organiser of a female relay team. As a ‘recreational swimmer’ this will be a significant personal challenge!