Anne Skare Nielsen - Future Navigator

Chief Futurist / Partner

About Anne

If you’ve ever felt confused about which direction you should choose for your future, then you have definitely found the right person. Anne is both a tornado that can lift you up and expand your horizon, as well as the calm eye of the storm that brings focus and peace of mind.

Anne works with both small, local and large multi-national organizations and is frequently active in the media, including the popular radio show “The Philosopher, The Writer and The Futurist.” Additionally, she has had her own science program on national television.

Although Anne is in great demand as a lecturer and provocateur all over the world, her heart lies with the people who “can & will”: those who are passionate about what they do, and believe that dedicated work will make all the difference.

Anne’s vision is to win the Nobel Peace Prize and her crowning achievements will include transforming journalism, politics and education. She is the mother of four wild boys and married to the love of her life. Anne was born in Denmark in 1971, is a graduate in biology and political science, an alumni from Wharton and Columbia, and has a penchant for science fiction movies, deep conversations with visionary leaders, and champagne!

About Future Navigator

Liselotte Lyngsø and Anne Skare Nielsen founded Future Navigator in 2003. Then, as now, we constantly strive to create a humane organization where individual originality is prioritized as highly as the dedicated friendship and community. We believe that talented people who go to work to make a real difference, while also having the time and space to immerse themselves in life with all its joys and hardships, are what it’s all about.

Like everyone else we often find ourselves swallowed by the day-to-day, caring for sick children, having disagreements with friends, and stress from a calendar that is packed too tight.

But we fit really well together. We are a team. And to be part of a dedicated, responsible community is one of the best things we have ever invested in. Especially because in the end, we all share the same purpose of building future studies into its true role: “creating a collective, global experience that lifts and helps people as well as the planet.”