Adam Chester - Head of Research & Market Strategy, Lloyds Bank

Adam started his career at the Bank of England as a financial markets economist. He later moved to the Monetary Policy section, where he was responsible for helping to compile and analyse the UK monetary aggregates. In 1992, Adam moved to the investment bank Yamaichi International as an international bond strategist. After five years with Yamaichi, he joined Halifax Group Treasury where he was appointed Chief Economist in 1999, subsequently becoming Chief Economist/Head of Research of HBOS Treasury Services in October 2001. In 2009, following the Lloyds Bank takeover of HBOS, Adam joined as Head of UK Macroeconomics. He was subsequently appointed Head of Research & Market Strategy in September 2014. Adam is a council member and fellow of the Society of Business Economists and Managing Editor of the economics journal, The Business Economist. His job involves regular contact with the media. He has written articles for various national newspapers and often appears in the financial press and on television.