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We aim to ensure that everyone has the option to focus on the areas that they feel are most important to them and their business.  Therefore, we will organise breakout sessions throughout the event that will cover different topic areas.

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD a summary timetable, for more information click on the days below or have a look at the speakers section.

CLICK ON THE DAY TO VIEW THE TIMETABLE - Please note that this is a draft timetable and will be updated and distributed regularly when speakers, workshops and activities are confirmed. This schedule may be subject to change.

ISPO Morning Run with On

Join ISPO and On for a refreshing run with On Local Hero Fabian Fahner and test out the Cloudventure Peak trail racing shoe (men's & women's sizes available). Visit the OutDoor by ISPO stand to reserve your size - please note that these are not a giveaway but for you to test during the morning and evening runs.

“Elements” Training Session Using Vibram Furoshiki

Join Vibram and Filippo Mazzacano for an early morning training session. Inspired by yoga and tai chi techniques, this has been proven to stimulate the sensitivity and awareness of the body, enhancing fluidity of movements and rendering them more organic.
It is recommended that participants use Vibram Furoshiki footwear (provided on site by the trainer) in order to have increased control and protection while carrying out the exercises.

Registration, Coffee & Network

Check-in, Coffee & Network

Countless Connections

Film by Kendal Mountain Festival

Welcome to EOS 2019

Welcome to EOS 2019

Opening Keynote Speaker

From More To Better (or Why the Next 10 Years Will Be Amazing)

The rules of the game have changed. In the old days, success was all about “more”: more money; more clients; more employees; more stuff. In the future, it’s “better”: how do we create a positive impact and solve meaningful problems together? The good news is ... you have everything you need. The bad news is … the future is out to get you! You cannot hide from it. Because the next decade will not only redefine boundaries, but will force you to answer the question: “who are you on this planet?”. The next big journey is the journey within. And the destination is you!

Join Anne Skare Nielsen, one of Europe's leading futurists, on a rollercoaster ride into the future. It will be fun, it will be scary - just as life should be.


The Changing Boundaries of Engagement

The boundaries for engagement with consumers are shifting, again. As they begin to place a value their own physical presence that is similar to time or money, consumers are becoming more selective about the places / leisure activities / stores that they choose to engage with in person. Will it be worth their while in terms of meeting personal needs, resources, values and, crucially, expectations of reward? As the potential returns of being present are assessed more explicitly by consumers, the metrics for reward are also changing. Customers now expect to be rewarded beyond just spend; instead, they want to be recognised for store visits, brand advocacy, data sharing. Brands must gear up for a future where they will be evaluated increasingly for how they can engage the customer in novel, intriguing and ultimately rewarding ways.


Redefining your Supply Chain for Today’s World

Clothing is seasonal and fashionable. In today’s world, the fashion industry has changed its supply chains from rigid to reactive, from slow to ultra fast. Has the outdoor clothing sector a right to ignore these changes? Or must it come to terms with them, in spite of its inherent difficulties?

Refreshments & Networking

Refreshment break in the Concert Hall


The Dawn of Open Cryptoeconomic Networks

In the age of networks, boundaries between [and inside] institutions will gradually dissolve. Digitization is only accelerating this process. Business leaders need to understand and embrace the age of networks and derive the right strategies to embed their organisations in this new world, in which value generation happens in a distributed manner across networks and business models morph into mesh networks of value creation. Traditional competitive strategies based on "one-against-the-other" will lose their effectiveness in such an environment: Combinatorial innovation is faster than anything a single (or small group of) companies can achieve; combining good solutions may outperform the single-best solution; collective intelligence is better coping with complexity than hierarchical structures.

Breakout Sessions

1. Marta Pellegrino, Oberalp - Introduced by Kai Landwher, myclimate
- Managing your company’s environmental impact is no longer an intrinsically driven target, but a critical need for your company's market positioning, fostering customer loyalty and motivating staff. A strategic approach for more sustainable and effective supply and value chain can set businesses apart from their competitors and also prepare companies for expected regulations in a decarbonized economy of the future. Acquiring and analyzing your environmental data is becoming ever more valuable when making business and operational decisions.

2. Dr.Marcus Dapp, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology - How to Create your own Cryptoeconomic Network
- Follow on from keynote: A workshop allowing delegates to hands-on/interactively try out the ideas pushed forward by the development of new socio-ecological finance systems that allows the smart coordination of humans across organisational and national boundaries. People, communities, companies, non-profits - all are able to create tokens for rewarding any positive action they agree upon without any institutional middlemen.

3. Malcolm Newbery, Malcolm Newbery Consulting - Omni-Channel Pricing, Sourcing & Stock Control
- Follow on from keynote: Most of us are now operating in a multi or omni-channel manner. Many of us have not yet grasped the issues, yet alone dealt with them! In this breakout, I challenge you to address the three issues:
* How do I deal with different customers buying through different channels? In particular, how do I price?
* How do I source and deal with potentially different suppliers for the different customer offers made?
* How do I deal with stock control? Quite simply, where, how and by whom?

Lunch Break

Lunch and Networking


Redefining Boundaries – An Evolution of Outdoor and Adventure Filmmaking

Stories are a means in which we navigate the world. Through the ages they have given us a strong sense of direction, association and motivation. Kendal Mountain Festival has grown into a strong and diverse storytelling platform which reflects current values, opinions and trends in ‘Outdoor’ and rewards the pioneers, the change-makers, the creatives and the disruptors in our world. Through the medium of film and inspirational guest speakers, our audiences can quickly engage, learn, interact and share through the many channels we all have at our disposal today. It’s an impossible task to select only a handful of films that for us, ‘Redefine Boundaries’, as we are currently witnessing a wave of change in which we all communicate and many great films fulfil that purpose but leave us with more questions remaining to be answered. In some ways, despite increasing isolation in the way we interact with each other, our most basic of gathering around the metaphoric camp-fire that is our Festival, becomes more important as society becomes more divided.


Forging New Paths: Accessing Gear-hungry, Passport-wielding Adventure Travellers

During this period of disruption, disintermediation and morphing of traditional supply chains for both the outdoor gear manufacturing and adventure tourism industries – compounded by the rising trend of humans’ increasing detachment from nature, leaders who lean in with fresh eyes, shatter existing paradigms, seek strategic solutions in unexpected places, and release their imaginations will be better positioned to break through and access new, profitable and sustainable frontiers.
The ATTA’s May 2019 Global Outdoor Gear Survey proves that our industry is eager and open to pursue new and innovative partnerships to help deliver on these objectives. For the European Outdoor Group community, opportunity exists to engage directly with the global adventure tourism community to explore and co-create new distribution solutions, gear rental/lending programs, guide pro-deals, merchandise sales, and so much more. The time is now for the outdoor industry and the adventure tourism industry to break the mould and forge new paths - together.

Breakout Sessions

1. Magnus Ohlsson, We Hunt For Heads - The Challenge of Change 2020
- The retail apocalypse is upon us and several retailers are struggling to stay alive as ecommerce is growing by the minute. Constant promotions are sucking the profits out of the business, and floor traffic to physical stores is down. Where did it all go wrong and how did we end up in a place were consumers are overwhelmed by promotions? The big difference of efficiency and effectiveness in communication - and how focus on ROI in communications could be killing brand equity. What are the characteristics of a retail zombie - the living dead that still stumbles forward towards an uncertain future - and how could we turn the tide towards a prosperous business with a new approach to branding? What will be the role of the physical store of the future and how could one use the store as a media, thereby creating a halo-effect (eight ways to differentiate the physical store in order to stand out and prosper) that also builds the brand.

2. Chris Doyle, ATTA - Follow on from keynote: Fresh Solutions: Accessing the Global Adventure Travel Market
- In this workshop led by the Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA), participants will together leverage the ATTA’s May 2019 adventure tour operator gear needs survey data to co-create solutions, to address global distribution challenges, to tap new distribution and e-commerce channels, explore trends in sustainable gear demand and new gear sharing/rental/lending programs, and explore jointly building pro-deal, product seeding and testing programs for adventure travel guides, media and influencers.

3. Kai Landwehr & Swiss #FridaysForFuture - #FridaysForFuture Meets the EOS - The Temperature on the Streets
- It is hardly exaggerated to say that the #fridaysforfuture movement is one of the most impressive grassroots movements of recent years. With their worldwide protests, the young people have peacefully shaken entire societies and made climate protection the dominant political topic of conversation in many countries. It's the first really big political movement of Generation Z, and it reflects not only the attitude of this generation but also its connected lifestyle and technical possibilities. But what do the young people want to achieve in concrete terms? Do they pursue utopian goals? Do they want a social revolution? Or do they demand nothing more or less than what the international community has already committed itself to under international law in the Paris Agreement of 2015? We have invited some of the co-organisers of the Swiss #Fridays4Future movement to join us in this interactive session, which will be facilitated by Kai Landwehr from myclimate. At the end of this session, both young people and EOS participants should benefit. The former will get the opportunity to talk to real decision-makers, present their ideas and have them challenged, and perhaps forge alliances for a sustainable society. The EOS participants in turn gain a direct insight into the world of their clients, but also of tomorrow's talents, into the world of their children and into a globally networked movement that has meanwhile also brought the highest political decision-makers to the table. From this, they can gain insights into what their young employees expect from them as company leaders but also as social actors. In the discussion, however, they can also present everything that they have already implemented in the company with the aim of contributing to shape a better society. Change happens from people exchanging ideas.

Refreshments & Networking

Refreshment Break


Working Together to Turn Our Trash in to Treasure

Outdoor Gear for Good is a new project to take unwanted outdoor industry inventory and to reuse or recycle it in the best ways that we know. It is being created for the industry and supported by the EOG. All profits go to outdoor industry approved charities that either promote participation in the outdoors or progress environmental improvement. We will look at how this project could benefit your business and how to get involved.


Taking Climate Action - An Opportunity You Can't Afford To Miss

This presentation will share the inside story of how Icebug, at the end of Summer 2018, decided to speed up their sustainability efforts by taking a leap into the unknown and pledged to become climate positive by 2020; and getting there in only six months - a full year ahead of schedule. Not that we are claiming a heroic effort, but because it was much easier and cheaper than expected! The road map will be laid out and it will be a call for the Outdoor industry to mobilize around taking the lead in climate action. Not only because it's the right thing to do, but because it will also be good for business.


Single Use Plastics Project: Reducing and Eliminating Plastics from the Outdoor Industry Value Chain and Beyond

Resolving some of the world's more complex environmental issues requires more than a single organisation, and industry wide problems require an industry-sized response. The plastics problem has been out-innovating us for years, but by working together we may have turned a corner.

Day 1 Round-up

Day 1 Round-up

ISPO Evening Run with On

Join ISPO and On for a refreshing run with On Local Hero Fabian Fahner and test out the Cloudventure Peak trail racing shoe (men's & women's sizes available). Visit the OutDoor by ISPO stand to reserve your size - please note that these are not a giveaway but for you to test during the morning and evening runs.

Networking Evening

BBQ and Films courtesy of Kendal Mountain Festival