Interview with Tobias Gröber, Executive Director Business Unit Consumergoods, Messe München

Tobias Gröber
Tobias Gröber

The European Outdoor Summit rings in the second round. Last year in Stockholm, this year in Tegernsee. How significant is the fact that this event is held in a location close to ISPO?

It is certainly a positive sign that after holding the event in Stockholm, Tegernsee was selected to host this year’s “Who’s Who” of the international outdoor industry. As a full-service partner for the international sports industry the European Outdoor Summit (EOS) is a great opportunity for ISPO to represent and network. We have the chance to meet with the outdoor industry’s decision makers between events, before continuing on at ISPO BEIJING in January and ISPO MUNICH in February. The outdoor segment is one of the most important segments for ISPO MUNICH. Therefore we are truly pleased that we can count on an even bigger increase in our outdoor exhibits for 2015. 

Why is ISPO ACADEMY one of the primary sponsors for the event?

ISPO ACADEMY is a global platform that offers retailers, shop owners, traditional brands and young entrepreneurs year-round opportunities to advance their expertise. This year we have already been very successful in Shanghai, and for next year we are planning a larger ISPO ACADEMY tour through China – scheduled after ISPO BEIJING and before ISPO SHANGHAI. Experts will discuss market-related topics and future visions for the sports industry in the workshops and seminars of the ISPO ACADEMY. The program includes current issues such as e-commerce, cross-channeling, as well as shop strategy. In essence, we pursue the same goal as the European Outdoor Summit, and are therefore very pleased to be a partner for the event. On Thursday, we will sponsor the lecture: “Break Out Presentation – Consumer Decision Journeys in the Outdoor Market”. The presentation covers issues like consumer decision making processes and how and when brands have an impact on purchasing decisions, and what marketing tools are an important element. 

The European Outdoor Summit’s motto is “
Preparing the Industry for Change”. In your opinion, what challenges will the industry have to face in the next few years?

We believe that in the upcoming years digitalization will make a major rethinking process necessary for retailers as well as the industry itself. We consider these changes one of the major challenges the entire industry will have to face in the next few years. The dialogue with consumers, particularly online, will increase in importance. ISPO as the leading sports business network has been focusing on digital options for several years. This means we are able to offer our customers more than just four days’ worth of value-added services, but all year round. In addition to the well-known trade shows, ISPO offers year-round services such as ISPO OPEN INNOVATION and the ISPO BUSINESS PROFILE, providing interactive ways to gain new customers and maintain customer loyalty. Our services are geared towards increasing the profitability of our customers in the international sports business, and supporting direct networking with consumers. Around the clock, 365 days a year.

Finally, I would like to mention our invitation to the joint breakfast held by ISPO ACADEMY and GORE-TEX® Products. We will let the ‘Oktoberfest feeling’ linger a little bit longer by offering Bavarian culinary treats. Please join us on October 15, 2014 from 8:30 am to noon at the Café Sissi at Seeforum in Tegernsee.

Thank you, Tobias Gröber.