EOS 2016 - ONE MONTH TO GO!  EOG and Myagi to Provide New Networking APP for Delegates

With just one month to go until the highly anticipated European Outdoor Summit (EOS) 2016, the European Outdoor Group (EOG) is pleased to announce a new Networking APP for Summit delegates. The hi-tech solution to professional networking is being delivered in partnership with Myagi, the innovative online learning network for retail sales associates.

The Summit, to be held on the 29th and 30th September 2016 in Barcelona, offers the outdoor industry a unique opportunity to come together and listen to some truly insightful speakers, participate in engaging activities and break-out sessions, but most importantly to network across disciplines with the ultimate aim of improving business practices, stimulating growth and increasing innovation within the industry.

For many professionals working in the Outdoor industry, the EOS is a rare opportunity to connect with business associates across the entire European region. Whilst Europe’s neat geography ensures easy trade links physically, conducting business in Europe often transcends multiple languages and multiple offices on a daily basis, making business within the region complex. There will be in excess of 300 senior executives attending the EOS and even the most organised person would find it a challenge to meet the right people or listen to the most relevant speakers over a two day period. Yet seasoned event attendees are all too aware of the importance of making the opportunities at the EOS deliver results.

To help overcome the challenges of attending large events, Myagi has partnered with the EOG to provide an event APP that will improve networking opportunities, suggest connections, provide information on exhibitors, speakers and attendees, all from the palm of your hand. Using native APP technology is becoming an integral part of global business and the EOS APP is a prime example of how technological solutions can help people make work lives simpler, easier and more effective.  The theme for the EOS 2016 is ‘An Industry in Evolution - A Common Sense Check on Future Reality’, and the role of technology within the industry is obviously a salient topic.

The native APP is compatible with iOS and Android platforms and will offer delegates:

  • Event     agenda, sessions, speaker biographies
  • Attendee     networking
  • Secure     messaging
  • One-on-one     meeting requests and scheduling
  • Company profiles     & directory

Arne Strate, Head of Marketing & Communications for the EOG said: “We are happy to welcome Myagi as a sponsor and are looking forward to working with them to further improve the networking aspect at the EOS. Bringing everybody closer together is key for an industry in evolution and will help delegates at the EOS to make the connections they need to grow their business.”

JP Parker, VP of Europe for Myagi, was keen to support EOG in developing a networking APP for the Summit. “Myagi is a company that delivers innovative and useful technology in a simple and fun way.  We have our roots in the outdoor industry and strive to improve collaboration across the space. In this we are totally aligned with the EOG.  Our aim at Myagi is to provide retailers with the tools to empower their people to create the best customer experience possible through improved learning communication to sales associates on the frontline.

“It made perfect sense for us to support the EOG with the APP for the EOS - it’s a fantastic opportunity to raise the profile of Myagi by promoting collaboration between Summit attendees.”