Barcelona 2016

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  • Registration

  • EOS 2016 Welcome

  • Welcome to Spain

  • Welcome to Barcelona

  • GET OUT! Microadventure: A Refresh Button for Busy Lives

  • GET OUT! The Promotion of a Physically Active Europe


  • Getting Europe Active Outdoors

  • GET OUT! Break-out Session: Gamification - Fusing Digital with Outdoor

  • GET OUT! Break-out Session: How will the next generation find their way into the outdoors?


  • CHANGE UP! Lessons Learned from the Automotive Industry

  • CHANGE UP! The Future of Outdoor Retailing


  • CHANGE UP! Break-out Session: Disruptive Digital Technology

  • CHANGE UP! Break-out Session: Critical Consumer Trends to Help Reinvent The Great Outdoors

  • CHANGE UP! Break-out Session: Marketing Strategy - The Secret of Successful Brand Positioning

  • Day 1 Summary

  • Networking Evening Spanish Style!

  • Morning Coffee

  • Introduction Day 2

  • THINK UP!  Patagonia: Good for Business and Good for the Planet


  • THINK UP! Nurturing (and Retaining) Future Talent

  • THINK UP! Break-out Session: Strategic Opportunities in a Changing World

  • THINK UP! Break-out Session: The Circular Economy - Why Circles are Better than Straight Lines

  • Day 2 Summary

  • Closing Notes, Thank You & EOS 2017


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