European Outdoor Summit

The European Outdoor Summit (EOS) is now well established as one of the key dates on the outdoor industry calendar. Its development and success since 2014 have reflected and showcased the rapidly evolving business environment and wider changes in society. The content and conversations that we deliver through the summit are more relevant and valuable than ever.

Each summit brings together around 300 senior executives and decision makers from across Europe and beyond, and this year, because much of the focus of discussion will be directed at the need to change corporate and operational strategies post pandemic, we are keen to encourage the involvement of CSR, sustainability and product managers to attend alongside this core audience.

We  invite brands, manufactuers, retailers, suppliers, distributors, media and service providers to join us for the 8th EOS in Annecy, France, for two days of learning, networking and shaping the future of the European outdoor industry. Besides extraordinary speakers, on-trend and current topics, the Summit is the ideal platform for networking and provides a unique opportunity to interact with opinion leaders from the outdoor industry.

European Outdoor Group

We are the voice of the European outdoor sector. Our vision is to do global, profitable business in a way that gives back more than we take - from nature and from people.
We add value to our members, facilitate pre-competitive collaboration and promote industry growth. We provide European outdoor market insights, collaborative CSR and sustainability opportunities, key trade events and sows, representation of the wider outdoor value chain on important issues and meaningful sector communication.
The EOG was founded in 2003 by 19 of the world's largest outdoor companies, all of which recognised the need for a cohesive, cross border approach to representation of the outdoor sector. Now with over 100 members, this combined strength provides the group with an extremely powerful voice to represent the European Outdoor industry in a constructive and positive manner.

Why We Work Together

There has been a global shift towards cooperating on important topics to accomplish more. In our industry, some values are shared, common ground such as our deeply rooted belief in caring for people and for our planet. We also all want our industry to grow, we want more people to go outside and enjoy the outdoors responsibly and we want to clean up our natural spaces.
Industry-sized problems demand an industry-sized response. To truly make an impact, our ambitions realistically require much more effort and resources than one single organisation can provide on their own. We view these unifying topics as pre-competitive in nature and we have seen that by working together - even as competitors- we can significantly amplify our positive impact.

Past Events

EOS Summit