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The European Outdoor Summit (EOS) was first established as a stand alone event in 2014 and its development and success since then has made it a key event in the outdoor industry calendar. The event has evolved over time and the content has reflected and showcased the rapidly evolving business environment and wider changes in society. The ongoing challenges of recent years mean that the conversations and opportunities offered by the summit are more relevant and valuable than ever before.

As the event has evolved and the membership of the European Outdoor Group has grown in number and influence the need for more in-person and co-operative events has become ever more apparent. The European Outdoor Summit (EOS) is now not just one event but encompasses all events run by and on behalf of the European Outdoor Group.

There will still be our 2-day summit each year, organised alongside the national association of the host country, but alongside this will be conference material, courses and other events. These may take the form of digital or in person events and cover topics such as policy, sustainability, market research and insights, all curated by the experts at the European Outdoor Group and the wider network.

European Outdoor Summit 2023

Each year the summit brings together around 300 senior executive and decision makers from across Europe and beyond and this year, because much of the focus of discussion will be directed at the need to change corporate and operational strategies post pandemic, we are keen to encourage the involvement of CSR, sustainability and product managers to attend alongside this core audience.

We  invite brands, manufacturers, retailers, suppliers, distributors, media and service providers to join us for the 9th EOS in Berlin, Germany for two days of learning, networking and shaping the future of the European outdoor industry. Besides extraordinary speakers, on-trend and current topics and educational seminars, the Summit is the ideal platform for networking and provides a unique opportunity to interact with opinion leaders from the outdoor industry.
European Outdoor summit
berlin 2023


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The European Outdoor Summit (EOS) is now well established as one of the key dates on the outdoor industry calendar. Its development and success since 2014 have reflected and showcased the rapidly evolving business environment and wider changes in society. The content and conversations that we deliver through the summit are more relevant and valuable than ever.
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