During this summit you will have the oppertuntity to start your mornings (Wednesday and Thursday - vet inte om konferensen varar fler dagar?) with yoga led by Sara on the wooden decks outside Malmö Live. Each class will slowly awaken and energize you. The yoga is suitable for all abilities and will create movement for your body and a calm and clear mind, so you can take on the summit feeling fresh, focused and relaxed.

Sara Ivarsson works as a yoga teacher and runners coach in Malmö, Sweden. Being active outdoors is what she loves - whether it's running, mountainbiking, swimming, hiking or doing yoga doesn´t matter, as long as she can be close to nature.

An active yogi since she was 20, she started teaching six years ago, leading yoga classes outside in Malmö´s parks. 


Start the conference day off with a morning jog for about 40-45 minutes (not a sprint) to get that dopamine refill and chance to see the city of Malmö.
Your guide, Måns Renntun, is not only the creater of the local running movement Guerilla Runners of Malmö, he’s also a master of Malmö curiosities so prepare for some simultaneous sightseeing! The pace? Everybody can join - we won’t leave anyone behind.


Join Erik and Polygiene on a Plogg around Malmö!